New Screw-on Solid Metal Lens Cover

Revisions reduce atmospheric defocusing sensitivity
- Smaller spot sizes over a broader wavelength range
- New stainless steel front cell provides better thermal stability in extreme climates

Advanced glass multi-coatings maximize contrast / transmission

Longer captive dew shield

Optional 5" Ring Mount Set
- Provides a rigid means of holding scope to mount for astro-imaging.
- Rings have accessory channels / tapped holes
- Top accessory bar has a variety of holes / slots
- Bottom plate drilled to mate to a variety of mounts or adapter plates

10:1 Focusmate Rack and Pinion Focuser

- Elegant 10:1 Focusmate made for Tele Vue by Starlight Instruments

Optional Focusmate Driver
- Vibration-free, variable-speed focus control with hand controller
- Switch between manual and motor focus without tools

- Secure focus position with 2-lock knobs acting against internal brass clamp ring
- 2" Visual and 2.4" Imaging System inserts included
- Accessory end-ring with tilt capability and 4-lock knobs
- 2.4" imaging output permits imaging across the largest commercially available CCD chips (52mm diagonal)