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Bird & Nature Photography Through Tele Vue Telescopes

In all Tele Vue products we try to pay attention to details that result in superior performance. Our photographic adapters and flatteners provide secure attachment of your camera along with contrast maximizing anti-reflection threads.

35mm Cameras

All Tele Vue telescopes can be used as telephoto lenses at their rated focal length and f/ratio with 35mm camera bodies. All that is required is a T-Ring that fits your camera and the correct camera adapter to fit the telescope's focuser: model ACM-1250 camera adapter for the TV-60 and model ACM-2000 for the bigger telescopes.

Digital Cameras (Digiscoping)

"Afocal" imaging (Digiscoping) is a convenient way to take telephoto images with cameras that have non-interchangeable lenses. This can be accomplished by employing a Tele Vue Digital Camera adapter to mate a digital camera's non-removable lens to a Tele Vue eyepiece. The long eye relief designed into many of Tele Vue's eyepieces allows for afocal imaging with minimum vignetting -- see Imaging Methods

Mr. Mark Kilner
Extensive nature and astronomy imagines with the TV-60 can be found on Mark's "flickr" page.

Messrs. Doug Buck
and Walt Spence

TV-85 images from the Boggy Bayou area in the Florida panhandle.

Image Index

Mr. Derry Mount
Close-up of a Cardinal. Click image to see more of Mr. Mount's TV-85 afocal digital camera work.

Mr. Tom Talbott
Some impressive work with the TV-60 can be found on Tom's "flickr" page.

Mr. Mike Peoples
of Adorama
Photo of a Blue Bird at 50-yards. Taken with a TV-85 and Radian eyepiece. Click image for more, including images taken with a TV-76.

Mr. Rik Davis
Davis and his Tele Vue scope explore the surprising diversity of birds in New York's Central Park. His afocal digital bird images are made through Tele Vue's 12mm Radian or 35mm Panoptic eyepieces, connected by Tele Vue digital camera adapters to a Nikon camera. This image of Pale Male was made with the TV-60.

Mr. Todd Carlson
Mr. Carlson does freelance nature photography from his porch with a TV-76 and digital SLR camera.

Jerry Eisner, MD
Dr. Eisner takes portraits of birds -- not simple photos. His "goal is to find the personality in the animal that distinguishes it as a subject." Click the Osprey at left to see how Dr. Eisner frames the personality of birds with his TV-76 APO and digital camera.

Mr. Doug Askew
Employs a TV-76 with 4x Powermate to take prime-focus images with a Canon 10D.

George Watson images

Mr. George Watson
Is impressed with the ability of the TV-NP101 APO to take birding images without "halos or fringes that used to mar otherwise decent shots."

NP-101 Images
See the excellent nature images that our bigger NP-101 scope can produce.

Bird images are Copyright by their respective owners and used by permission.
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