Sky Tour Computer
Add "brains" to your Tele Vue mount. Mount Accessories > Sky Tour Computer > Product Specs
Sky Tour Encoder Kits

Kits include the encoders, housings, wiring, and hardware to fit your Tele Vue mount.

Sky Tour Computers & Mounts
SKC-3000 Sky Tour Computer
STN-4001 Pano/TelePod/ Gib Encoder Kit
STS-5002 Sky Tour Azimuth Spacers for 5" Head
SCP-1019 Sky Tour Caddy Plate
Mounts with Sky Tour Pre-installed

Sky Tour mounts include Sky Tour, encoders, Sky Tour Caddy and Eyepiece Caddy set. See Mount page for more info on mount types and styles.

Product List
Sky Tour Computers & Mounts
TPS-3024 Tele-Pod (Advanced) / Sky Tour
P4S-7014 Pano - Ash (Advanced) / Sky Tour
G4S-6015 Gibraltar HD4 Sky Tour Mount
G5S-5018 Gibraltar HD5 Sky Tour Mount

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