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All images produced with the aid of Powermates.™
Click on these exemplary images for full-size display and imaging data.

<b>Mars with 4x Powe...
Mars with 4x Powermate™
July 25, 2003 - one month from nearest.
©Russell Croman
<b>Solar Prominence ...
Solar Prominence with 4x Powermate™
Full-size image spans a quadrant of solar activity.
©Paul Hyndman
<b>Jupiter with 2x P...
Jupiter with 2x Powermate™
Full-size image includes Io and Callisto.
©Russell Croman
<b>Mare Imbrium with...
Mare Imbrium with stacked 2x and 4x Powermates™
Original covers n.e.arc.
©Paul Hyndman
<b>Saturn with 2.5x ...
Saturn with 2.5x Powermate™™
Moons Enceladus & Tethys visible on original.
©Ed Grafton
<b>Nature Images wit...
Nature Images with 2x or 2.5x Powermate amplifiers
©Don McNair

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