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The 24mm PanoptIc yields an exceptional 20x view on the 76mm APO, one of the widest, brightest views I have seen. In combination with the 60° viewer [diagonal] it makes locating birds about as easy as it gets with a scope of this quality.

— S. Ingraham. "Tele Vue Upgrades!". Better View Desired (April 2003). website article.

Owner's Comments
  • Best crafted eyepieces available. View is like being on the main deck of the starship Enterprise. — R.D., CA

  • The best low power wide-field eyepiece on the market: super sharp, high contrast & excellent aberration correction. —  T.B., OH

  • I was told the Panoptic redefines wide-field. Now that I have one, they do! Tack sharp is indeed correct. — D.B., ID

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