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DIOPTRX™ Eyepiece Accessories > DIOPTRX™ > How to Choose
How to Choose DIOPTRX™ Models

Your prescription may look like this, with different numbers.

Right Eye O.D. +1.50 -0.50 45
Left Eye O.S. -0.50 +1.50 135

Simply choose DIOPTRX™ to match the cylinder (astigmatism)  value of your preferred viewing eye. In the example above, you would choose 0.5 diopter model for your right eye and 1.5 diopter model for your left eye.

  • Ignore spherical and axis values.
  • Ignore all signs.

Pupil Size vs. Astigmatism

Maximum pupil size decreases with age and this decrease the visibility of astigmatism. Consult the following charts.

Eye Pupil Size vs. A... Eye Pupil Size vs. Age
Exit Pupil Size vs. ... Exit Pupil Size vs. Astigmatism Visibility
Long Eye-Relief Tele Vue Eyepieces that Accept DIOPTRX™
Plössl 55, 40, 32mm
Radian all
DeLite all
Panoptic 41, 35, 27, 24*, 19mm* (*requires DEA-0001 adapter)
Delos all
Nagler Type 4 22, 17, 12mm
Nagler Type 5 31, 26, 20mm* (*requires DEA-0001 adapter)
Nagler Type 6 all*  (*requires DNA-6000 adapter)
Ethos all

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