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Why Choose Tele Vue Eyepieces
Design, construction and Warranty info.
Choosing Eyepieces (Basic)
Magnification, field of view, power, amplifiers and correctors.
Choosing Eyepieces (Advanced)
Advanced concepts originally published in the journal Eyepiece
An Eyepiece Primer
How eyepieces work, including power, field of view and aberrations.
Al Nagler Discusses Eyepieces
Audio from Let's Talk Stars radio program.
David Nagler Eyepieces Video Interview
David Nagler talks eyepieces on Deep Astronomy YouTube video show.
Tele Vue Eyepieces for Tele Vue Refractors
Eyepieces for 6" to 10" Dobsonians with 1,200mm Focal Lengths
Eyepieces for 8" SCT
Instadjust Info on Radians & Nagler Type-4 Eyepieces
Eyepiece Distortion
Rectilinear and angular magnification distortion
The Majesty Factor
Compare eyepieces by quantifying contrast, power, and apparent field.

Tele Vue Eyepiece Specifications
Specifications for all our eyepieces.
Why You Should Choose a Tele Vue Telescope
Benefits of TVO refractors and Warranty info.
Telescope Recommendation and Specifications
Chart compares all Tele Vue telescopes.
Telescope Formulas, Common Telescope Myths
Choosing Your Telescope's Magnification
Topics include eyesight, telescopes optics, atmosphere, targets & image sharpness.
The Perfect Telescope is...
Imaging Methods
Prime focus, Digiscoping, eyepiece projection, amplifiers and reducers.
Optics / Observing
The Joys of Low-Power Viewing
Determining When To Use Eyeglasses
How Cameras, Binoculars and Telescopes Work
Basics and interpreting specifications.
Cleaning Eyepiece and Telescope Optics
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