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Tele Vue TV-60 teles... Tele Vue TV-60 telescope setup with TNVC night vision monocular. An adapter allows the TNVC monocular to sit on top of the Tele Vue eyepiece and amplify the light from it. The built-in eyelens of the monocular allows visual usage. An adapter on top of the monocular eyelens provides a mounting place for Tele Vue's FoneMate™ for imaging through the setup.
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At NEAF 2017, crowds were intrigued by what they saw through the telescope pointed into a long tube at the Tele Vue booth. Atop the telescope eyepiece was a night vision monocular from Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC). When the battery-operated unit was in place over the eyepiece, they saw "stars", when removed, they saw very little through the eyepiece alone.

NEAF Night Vision De...
NEAF Night Vision Demo Target image. Left: target viewed with the TNVC unit showed plenty of 'stars' (aluminum filings against a black background) with light provided by a few narrow slits in the target tube. Right: view with eyepiece alone revealed few 'stars'.

At the Winter and Cherry Springs Star Parties the night vision monocular was field tested on scopes. Viewers reported seeing elusive stars in the Trapezium and 2nd star in the Ring Nebula.

The combination of TNVC's night vision monocular and Tele Vue designed accessories can be used on any scope to create an "aperture amplifier": allowing small scopes to see objects that normally would need a DOB and allowing big DOBs to see further. We recommend monoculars with "white phosphor" sensors for the most natural views. TNVC's night vision monoculars and accessories for attachment to Tele Vue eyepieces and FoneMate™ are now available for sale exclusively at

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