TV-85 Photographers: Walt Spence and Doug Buck

Excerpts from photographers' unsolicited letter to Tele Vue.

I have owned a TV-85 for several years and had many happy hours with it studying both night sky and daytime nature subjects. It was purchased strictly for observing fun. Almost a year ago my friend, Doug, was trying his hand at nature photography and was not happy with the results he was getting from his telephoto kit lens. I suggested purchasing a couple of adapter parts and trying the TV-85. The results were spectacular …

We are about to begin marketing these images, and more like them, through the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida. The TV-85 produces museum-quality work!

Doug has since obtained a couple of large telephoto lenses for actions shots. … The TV-85 beats both on sharpness, even the vaunted Canon 100-400L IS.

Thanks for producing such a versatile and competent tool. Worth every nickel. People gasp and sit up straight when we show them the images.


Walt Spence & Doug Buck

TV-85 — 'LEAVI...

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