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Excerpts from Dennis di Cicco review of the TV-60 in Sky & Telescope, December 2004

If you think that size matters and that bigger is always better when it comes to telescopes, think again.

  • First light with the TV-60 was a look at insects scurrying across tree leaves 30 feet outside my office window. The view was remarkable for its crispness, color fidelity, and complete lack of scattered light despite a bright sky background. It was like viewing with a long-range microscope.
  • My first serious use of the TV-60 tested the "Take Me Everywhere" portability touted by the manufacturer. [Trip to Italy to view Venus Transit of June 2004.]
  • The transit made me realize that the TV-60 just might be the ultimate scope for eclipse chasers.
  • As I have come to expect from observing with Tele Vue's other short-focus apo refractors, the views with the TV-60 are essentially free of false color.
  • Even at 120x, brilliant Vega, one of the most challenging stars for a refractor to image cleanly, appears as a blue-white Airy disk surrounded by several white diffraction rings and no perceptible color halo.
  • After many nights of observing, I'm comfortable recommending an upper limit of 180x for the TV-60, which is 75x per inch of aperture. I achieved this magnification with the 2-mm setting on the Tele Vue 2-to-4-mm Nagler Zoom eyepiece. It offered exceptional views of binary stars (especially the well-known Double-Double in Lyra) and the Moon.
  • The pint-sized TV-60 could match the best high-power view I have ever seen in a quality 60-mm f/15 refractor. And the TV-60 could do something those other scopes couldn't: offer a stunning wide-field experience.
  • With just three eyepieces — the 24mm Panoptic and the 9- and 2.5-mm Naglers — I spent hours wandering the Milky Way from Sagittarius to Cassiopeia.
  • The TV-60 mates beautifully with popular digital SLR cameras that have so-called APS-film-size detectors. These include popular models by Canon and Nikon, such as the Canon Digital Rebel and Nikon D70.
  • Bottom line summary: highly versatile and rugged apo refractor that works as well by day as it does by night.

— di Cicco, D. "Pint-Size Powerhouse: Tele Vue's TV-60." Sky & Telescope. (December 2004): 102 - 106.

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