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Gordon Haynes Images Online
with the FLI ProLine 16803 CCD camera

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Gordon Haynes First-Light Images
with the FLI ProLine 16803 CCD camera

This astrograph saw first light in the hands of Gordon Haynes of the UK. The complete imaging chain consists of the Tele Vue NP127FLI astrograph + FLI Atlas focuser + FLI CenterLine filter wheel + FLI ProLine 16803 CCD camera (4096x4096 9micron pixels with a diagonal of 52.1mm). All connections made with FLI Zero Tilt Adapters.

“Although David [Nagler] mentioned ... that there is some tweaking available to the end user I didn't find this necessary so the first light image is produced from the system as it arrived. From my perspective and first use it is truly plug and play.”
“The system is proving to be very easy to use and the focus is very stable with checks necessary only after meridian flips and filter changes — not due to temperature changes. Only one adjustment was necessary for this [Andromeda Galaxy] image.”
— Gordon Haynes
Gordon Haynes 2015 Images
with the FLI ProLine 16803 CCD camera
Gordon Haynes 2013 - 2014 Images
with the FLI ProLine 16803 CCD camera
Wolfgang Promper Images
“Regarding my thoughts it is quite easy, I have used all kinds of telescopes over the years, different brands and sizes but the Tele Vue-NP127fli was the first one that was perfect out of the box, without the slightest tweak needed, plus the outstanding sharpness, field correction, and rigidity, to me it is a perfect instrument.”
— Wolfgang Promper
Recent Images
with FLI ProLine 16803, MicroLine 694, Proline 50100, & MicroLine 8300
2014 Images
with FLI ProLine 16803 & MicroLine 694 CCD Cameras

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