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Excerpts from review of the NP127fli with FLI ProLine 16803 on Paramount MyT mount from November 2015 Sky & Telescope.

    • Excellent combination for deepsky imaging
    • All first-class equipment that worked flawlessly
    • Equally well suited for portable use or for unattended remoteobservatory operation
  • As the astrophotography with this review attests, the NP127fli delivered excellent star images across the full frame of the KAF-16803 chip. Furthermore, all the images here were taken on nights when the telescope was focused only once at the beginning of the imaging session and left unchanged regardless of the filter or filters used during the night. For general astrophotography, I can't ask for better performance from a 5-inch f/5.35 system than I got with the NP127fli.
  • The Tele Vue NP127fli is a straightforward instrument with little that will mystify even those new to imaging telescopes.
  • I am extremely impressed with how everything performed. I can comfortably endorse all of this equipment as a package as well as individual pieces.

— di Cicco, Dennis. "A Highly Portable Astrophotography Combination". Sky & Telescope (2015 November). Full Article.

Astronomy Magazine

Gordon Haynes' article in Astronomy documents the author's journey through several imaging systems and explains how he settled on the TVNP127fli.

  • "My imaging philosophy is to get as much quality data as possible and keep the processing simple."
  • "I have been using the system for more than a year with no alterations necessary. I have needed no focusing adjustments due to temperature changes even when I transported the system to London and back for display at a show. It is truly "plug and play."


— Haynes, Gordon. "A colorful take on northern skies". Astronomy (2015 February). Full Article.

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