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Concept: CCD cameras have challenged telescope optics beyond anything ever placed at the focal plane. I knew our APO objectives were up to the challenge, and with the proper tweaks would be extraordinary tools for the imager. With Tele Vue Imaging System ("is") telescopes, we have refined our instruments and optional equipment beyond anything a CCD chip has seen. (Reviewer Note.) We started small (literally) in 2005 with the Tele Vue-60is and available Digital Micrometer Kit. Achieving critical acclaim with the 60is, we were encouraged to further develop "is" telescopes and accessories to maximize aperture, real field coverage and performance, and to make the processes easier for the imager. - Al Nagler

There's no accolade I can offer about the visual performance of the TV-NP127is that others haven't already bestowed on it. The scope has it all: high-contrast, color-free, textbook-perfect images spread across a remarkably flat field. The Moon , planets, double stars, and bright deep-sky objects are all rendered exquisitely in the eyepiece.

If you expect better from a 5-inch f/5 refractor, you probably haven't been living on this planet.

— Di Cicco, Dennis, "Tele Vue’s Flagship Imaging System." Sky & Telescope, July 2007

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