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Fabian Neyer's Images
with the STL11000M camera
Heart and Soul...
Heart and Soul

Brian A. Morganti Image Galleries
with Canon T1i (500D)
Nebulae gallery...
Nebulae gallery
Galaxies gallery...
Galaxies gallery
Star Clusters galler...
Star Clusters gallery
Brian A. Morganti
StarEffects Observatory
Tele Vue NP101is and...
Tele Vue NP101is and 60is
Ilias Ntagioglou's Images
with the QHY9 camera
Heart of the Rosette...
Heart of the Rosette Nebula. Click for Zoomable image gallery.
Ilias Ntagioglou's 2013 Images
with the QHY9 camera
The Cresent Nebula ....
The Cresent Nebula . Click for Zoomable image gallery.
Jim Burnell's "is" series images
with the SBIG STL11000M camera
“is” Gal...
“is” Gallery
Tele Vue's APOD Images
Our "is"-series of scopes are made for imaging. So it is no surprise that many NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (or NASA APOD) selections were created with "is" scopes. See our growing list of APOD images.
Images by Paul Cyr
with Olympus E-30 camera
Paul favors the NP10...
Paul favors the NP101is over camera lenses "when you can't get close enough or getting too close will scare the subject away".
Xavier Dequevy's Lunar Eclipse
<div style='max-widt...
In this composite image from March 03, 2007, the Moon is in the Earth's Umbra (total eclipse) in the center photo and entering/leaving this central shadow in the images to either side

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