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Owner's Comments
21.0 Ethos
  • You've got very innovative engineers always managing to break the laws of optics. This Ethos is out of this world! — J.G., France
  • Big + Beautiful! Views are stunning! — J.A., AZ
  • The 21 Ethos rides on the 11" about 75% of the time. It's that good. This completes the set. — F.S., CA
  • All the Ethos are fantastic. 21mm fast becoming my workhorse. Bells 1656 and 1367 at dark sky site were amazing. — J.M., TX
  • This is the ultimate Ultra-Wide-Field eyepiece in a long focal length telescope. The view of the mid-sized DSO's like M13 or M17 is breathtaking! — S.S., Germany
  • Awesome eyepiece! — J.M., MI
  • Wonderful eyepiece! Well Done! — S.M., CT
  • Awesome!!! Keep up the superb work! — D.R., VA
17.0 Ethos
  • Decided to upgrade to Naglers & Ethos eyepieces. I enjoy viewing comets & deep sky objects and appreciate sharp images & wide FOV of Ethos. — T.A., IL
  • Excellent — J.V.B., UT
  • I also have a 31mm Tele Vue Nagler & love it. — S.B., NM
  • Wonderful! — J.K., NY
  • Great! — D.F., VA
  • Truly amazing. Better than Naglers with fast scope. — G.F., LA
13.0 Ethos
  • Absolutely amazing contrast. This eyepiece takes visual observing to the next dimension. — G.S., ON
  • Gorgeous views -- love the wide-field field! — J.A., AZ
  • Best eyepiece I have ever seen, and probably the best ever made! — M.E., Canada
  • A railing should be mounted around the Ethos in order not to 'fall into the universe' ;-) — S.S., Germany
  • Quiet simply WOW! P.S.: Sorry I'm so excited on the new eyepieces. I made a bit of a mess filling the card in! — D.S., England
  • Spectacular view under dark sky - will be getting 8mm Ethos next. — G.F., Canada
  • Stunning! — J.M., IN
  • I hate changing eyepieces in the dark. The Ethos gives best of both worlds: 1) large field of view 2) high power - both at the same time! — S.N., MI
  • The most incredible views I've ever had in Astronomy! Thanks for all your wonderful products! — T.N., WA
  • Incredible eyepiece. — H.V., GA
10.0 Ethos
  • Fantastic accomplishment of optical engineering! — S.B., GA
  • By far the finest eyepiece I have ever used. — T.A., OH
  • The clarity of Saturn, Mars and Galaxies was unbelievable. Congratulations! — H.J., FL
  • An amazing experience - turned my 18", into about a 22"! The dark background and contrast are truly a gift to astronomers everywhere. — M.V., CA
  • Great Performance. — J.C., CO
  • As good as the rest [of the Ethos line]! — G.B., LA
  • Excellent! — J.V.B., UT
  • Outstanding eyepiece! Wow! — M.E., MD
8.0 Ethos
  • Wow! I was told the eyepiece wouldn't make that much difference - wrong! It is a whole different experience. I have ordered an Ethos 13 & 21 as a result. — C.Q., CA
  • Awesome eyepiece! — A.A., CA
  • The best! I want them all ... even though I have all the Naglers. The views are sharp edge to edge + immersive. — M.S., CA
  • Hunt for planetary nebulas without using heavy Barlows. I now only use my Ethos for observing. — G.R., CA
  • Wow! Seeing is believing! — J.S., OH
  • The Ethos line of eyepieces are everything they are said to be and more!!! I love my 8mm Ethos and all of my other Tele Vue eyepieces. — R.C., OK
  • This is my goto-ocular - crisp stars to the edge ... + stunning FOV. — C.Q., CA
6.0 Ethos
  • Great contrast, colors are richer & stand out more. Views of Saturn are awesome, three dimensional & have an 'etched' into glass quality. — J.N., OR
  • Unparalleled performance. The ultimate high power eyepiece. — L.L., TX
  • Super sharp for planetary (Jupiter current). You can have hi throughput, detail, contrast AND wide FOV! — S.S., RI
  • With 40 years experience in astronomy, it still amazes me when I step back and think of the views your products make possible. Thanks for making astronomy even more 'wonder-full' — J.S., MD
  • Clarity of this 6mm eyepiece is unsurpassed! — H.J., FL
  • Best eyepiece I've ever looked through. — D.C., WI
4.7 Ethos-SX
  • Absolutely outstanding performance! Use the Ethos 4.7 for planetary mainly. It's awesome, like being INSIDE the eyepiece - the eyepiece "disappears"! — M.M., AZ
  • Thank you for creating such high quality user-friendly astronomy equipment. — S.S., IN
3.7 Ethos-SX
  • Best high power views ever. I am seeing more detail and brighter too. Better than I hoped for. Thanks Tele Vue. — C.A., Canada
  • Because I want to see the sky like Armstrong. — P.N., Switzerland
  • Dear Tele Vue, thank you for making dreams come true ;-). You're the best. — B.T., Switzerland
  • Wonderful eyepiece - it's like flying over the moon!! — T.N., CT
  • Again, the finest. — M.S., Canada
  • One small step for me, one giant leap for planetary observers. — F.S., CA
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