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Excepts from the SkyNews review of the Bandmate Type 2 filters:

  • Tele vue's newest batch of narrowband nebula filters takes a good thing and makes it better.
  • Although the Thousand Oaks O-III imparted stronger contrast to M27, the overall scene was awfully dark in the f/10 SCT. The Bandmate O-III on the same scope blocked fewer background stars and delivered a brighter nebula.
  • Scrutinized through my old UHC at high power in the 10-inch [f/5.5 newtonian], zero-magnitude Vega displayed several tiny, red "beads." The Nebustar erased the red, leaving a pristine, cleanly focused star.
  • Whereas the UHC blocked out the dimmest star in the [Orion Nebula] trapezium, the Nebustar showed all four members.
  • If you don't have any nebula filters, my advice is to buy the Nebustar. if you already own a set of old narrowband filters, is it worth upgrading to any of the Type 2 Bandmates? my answer to that question is an unequivocal "yes."

— Hewitt-White, K. "A new generation of Deep-Sky filters". SkyNews (March/April 2019). p42-44.

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