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From Birder's World roundup of fifteen birding scopes (including Swarovski, Zeiss, Nikon, Kowa, Pentax, Leica and Questar) by Stephen Ingraham

"[Tele Vue-76] offers the sharpest view of any field scope I have ever used, effortlessly reaching powers and distances that are well beyond the capability of any conventional scope. When I am out in the field with it, I always gather a long line of people waiting to see what the bird really looks like."

— Ingraham, S. "Sizing Up Scopes". Birder's World (Feb. 2004).

Excerpts from David Healy's Astronomy review of September 2002

When used as a rich-field scope for deep-sky viewing, the TV 76 excels. With a long focus eyepiece in the 2-inch diagonal, the scope offers impressive views of "showpiece" objects that are too large in angular diameter to fit into the smaller fields of view of larger telescopes. Under a dark Arizona sky, the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) shows its full 3 extent, including its central dust lanes and two companion galaxies M32 and NGC 205. Dozens of stars in the Pleiades cluster look like sparkling diamonds scattered on black velvet.

— Healy, D. "Have Scope Will Travel". Astronomy (Sept. 2002). Full Review.

Birding review excerpt from Better View Desired / Reference Standard Tele Vue 76mm APO article

[T]he view through it puts all the standard scopes in the shade. It is as bright, as sharp, as detailed as we have come to expect from Tele Vue products. I have had it out in field on a regular basis over the past few months and in never fails to provide an impressive view of the bird.

— "Tele Vue 76 mm APO". Better View Desired (March 2002). Full Review.

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