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Unsolicited Owner Letter

April 24, 2009

TeleVue Optics, Inc.
32 Elkay Dr.
Chester, NY 10918

Dear Mr. Nagler,

Since I got initiated to amateur astronomy I have always admired good quality and craftsmanship.

I own an 8 inch SCT but the older I get, the heavier this telescope becomes... or maybe I am getting weaker, I really don't know. The point is that my SCT is getting less and less use so in December 2007 I decided to get a good quality portable, easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up telescope.

After a lot of reading, and various emails and a couple of telephone calls I visited High Point Scientific and they showed me various small telescopes within my size/weight range. I finally purchased (highly recommended by Grant and Dave at High Point) the TV-60, the Vixen Porta Mount tripod (I love the slow motion controls) and three eyepieces: Panoptic 24mm, Nagler 9mm and Nagler Zoom 3-6mm.

I spent more than I originally planned but they told me that with the TV-60 I was getting the best in its class in quality, image detail and durability. They were absolutely right, the more I use the TV-60, the more I love it.

I also own a 4.5 inch reflector (StarBlast; I think it is a very decent telescope for the price) and I expected some compromise in the brightness of the image, but the contrast and fine detail provided by the TV-60 is incredible and at the end I can see - which is what really counts - much more.

For the Moon and planets I use the Nagler 3-6 Zoom which provide a maximum 120X and there is no degradation in image quality even at this high power from my backyard in the city. I cannot push my 4.5 inch higher that 90X; once beyond that it starts loosing quality and detail.

All I am trying to say is that everything Grant and Dave told me and everything I have read about the TeleVue products is short of reality. This little baby is a real gem, feels like a tank and at the same time it is a high-precision instrument. Congratulations for the good quality of your products. At NEAF you showed me the TV 85 and now I hate you!!... and I shouldn't, because you gave me advanced warning before your demo of the 85 with your friend Kermit???.

I am including a picture taken by my nephew at NEAF 2009. It was a pleasure and a privilege meeting and talking to you.


Ramon Alvarez

Owner's Comments
  • Lives up to all your advertisements. Difficult to believe such images can be seen through a 60mm. — D.R., UK
  • Love it so far. I'll love to be able to attach it to my Tele Vue-NP101 — K.H., CA
  • Sharp scope with a nice carry case. I've been enjoying the views through this excellent little scope. — E.P., GA
  • I needed a portable scope to fit in my college dorm. Love it - has spectacular optics. Well done! — M.L, MN
  • Small + Portable = I will use it more. This is just right for a beginner. — C.S., CA
  • Compared with other bigger scopes, this one was sharper. I own a myriad of Tele Vue accessories, this is the first Tele Vue scope purchase. I'm sure this won't be the last. — L.W., OK
  • Excellent instrument, very portable as well. — M.P., TX
  • Very well made. High quality optics and construction. — M.P., Canada
  • Wanted a high quality "grab & go" telescope with easy setup to travel with. — T.A., TX
  • I wanted a small portable scope with excellent optics. Excellent construction as I would expect from Tele Vue! — C.S., NM
  • Portable, easy to set up, both wide field and high power use. -Superb!- — E.E., NJ
  • Very good quality and craftsmanship — J.G., NJ
  • Also own TV-101 with Gibraltar, Sky Tour and several TV eyepieces. Fantastic quality! — D.D., WA
  • It's beyond expectations. — R.P., NJ
  • Put it together and located a gecko in a pine tree at 100x -- 100 yrds away. — J.G., FL
  • Fantastic! Love it! Nagler has done it again. — M.G., CT
  • Wanted a quality scope and lenses. Tele Vue was it. — G.T., NY
  • The scope highlights all my Tele Vue lenses and the compact size was exactly what I as seeking. — D.M., NJ
  • I think I'm in Love! It's small and very well made. — D.H., MO
  • I succumbed to "Small Aperture Fever" and wanted a good portable backpackable scope. As always, thanks for your craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality control. It's a pleasure to use your products. — V.B, CO
  • WOW!!! Just wonderful optically & Mechanically. — R.R., TN
  • Easy to use, solid mechanics, sharp view. — M.T., VA
  • Please keep pushing the envelope. Smart people notice. Hats off. — C.W., NY
  • Beautiful design, good workmanship and performance — K.F., Norway
  • It is almost as expensive as a Rolex - but larger. Excellent quality, design, construction and performance. — G.W., Canada
  • Fabulous!!! — K.S., NY
  • I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the optics, finish, and portability of this instrument . . . exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks Al — D.P., Canada
  • Very compact - good travel scope. Tele Vue eyepieces - very good contrast and sharp! — T.K., LA
  • Beautiful instrument. — M.L., QC
  • Precision instrument. It's great. — S.P., Australia
  • Great views, great detail and color — W.L., OR
  • Love the views! — T.T., WA
  • Purchased after featured in S&T. Superb! Al has done it again. — R.W., DC
  • Ecstatic! — J.A., PA
  • The TV-60 exceeded my expectations by a mile. First night out, split the Double-Double with ease under a full Moon. The views of Saturn blew me away! — J.G., NY
  • Top notch as usual. — H.M., IL
  • I have a Tele Vue 102/85 and now 60. They are great! — G.G., PA
  • Nice package together with finder, 8-24 Zoom and 4.8mm Nagler eyepieces and 45 degree diagonal in an excellent value — J.G., CA
  • A smaller version of my TV101. First light on the moon and Jupiter. Works very well with my Tele Vue Bino Vue, both terrestrially and astronomically. — P.G., WA
  • I can not thank you enough for providing me with such quality! — M.E., Canada
  • Beautiful. Thank You  — S.C., CA

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