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Filter-holder Upgrade for Older Bino Vue 2x Amplifiers

It is possible to have your older 2x Bino Vue Amplifier retrofitted to accept 1¼" filters. The retrofit service includes Bino Vue Flat Coupler (which replaces the ¾" long black nose piece on your Bino Vue), and installation of a new lens retainer with 1¼" filter threads. The Bino Vue Flat Coupler allows space for the new retainer and a filter to fit between the end of the 2x Bino Vue Amplifier and 2" diagonal mirror without interference. Please call Tele Vue for a Return Authorization Number if interested.

Call for details on the Bino Vue Filter Upgrade. Bino Vue Flat Coupler is also available separately from Tele Vue Optics dealers.

Bino Vue Flat Couple... Bino Vue Flat Coupler (left) and lens retainer with filter threads (right).
Older retrofitted 2x... Older retrofitted 2x Bino Vue Amplifier can now accept filters.
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BVP-2001 2x Bino Vue Amp. + Flat Coupler
BVC-0125 Bino Vue Flat Coupler

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