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Bino Vue with 24mm P... Bino Vue with 24mm Panoptic eyepieces on Paracorr Type-2 with Tunable Top set to "A"
Using the Bino Vue with the Paracorr

If you're enjoying the Paracorr coma correction in a Dobsonian, and wish to enjoy its benefits with a Bino Vue, it's easy and safe.

First make sure the Bino Vue 2x Amplifier / Corrector is used ONLY with the Flat Coupler (NOT the nosepiece). This limits the insertion length to only 2-inches, which prevents any contact with the upper lens in a Paracorr. Use Paracorr Type-2 setting "A", the lowest setting on the Tunable Top (as shown in photo), for best coma correction. Make sure of course, to remove the lens cap on the 2x Amplifier / Corrector and do NOT add a filter. (The Paracorr accepts 2" filters if desired).

Do not use any other amplifier or Barlow lens since excessive length may contact the Paracorr lens. For the Paracorr Type-2, make sure to only use the 2" to 1¼" adapter that came with it. (Shorter adapters could allow the 2x Amplifier / Corrector to contact the Paracorr lens).

NOTE 1: The above Bino Vue technique works for all older Paracorr models with Tunable Tops. Just set the Tunable Top to the lowest setting.

NOTE 2: Do not use the Bino Vue with a SIPS version of Paracorr to avoid any possible installation that could allow the 2x Amplifier to contact the SIPS top lens.

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