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Digital Rings

Our digital Adapter Rings (DEC-00XX) connect to the filter threads found on some point-and-shoot cameras. The last two digits in the model number (XX) denotes the filter thread size of the adapter. Your camera may need a filter thread adapter and/or filter step-up/down rings to connect with the Adapter Ring. Three small thumb screws on the Ring attach it to the eyepiece.

Radian Adapters

Radian Adapters (DRA-00XX) are only for Radian eyepieces. These adapters include an Adapter Ring (DEC-00XX) along with a housing to lock down the Radian's Instajust eyeguard. Radian Adapters are for telescopes with a 2" eyepiece adapter.

<i>Radian Adapter</i...
Radian Adapter kit DRA-00XX
<i>Radian Adapter</i...
Radian Adapter with eyepiece
<i>Radian Adapter</i...
Radian Adapter with eyepiece mounted on camera
<i>Digital Ring</i> ...
Digital Ring with DeLite eyepiece. Ring installed (right) -- ready for camera mounting.

Peruse impressive images made through eyepieces with compact digital cameras on our Birding and Nature Viewing site.

Product List
Photographic Accessories
DRA-0028 28mm Radian Adapter
DRA-0037 37mm Radian Adapter
DRA-0049 49mm Radian Adapter
DEC-0028 28mm Adapter Ring
DEC-0037 37mm Adapter Ring

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