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North America (NGC 7000) & Pelican (IC 5070) Nebulae > Unmask The Universe with Tele Vue

The North America (NGC 7000) and Pelican (IC 5070) Nebulae in Cygnus taken with Tele Vue-NP127is and SBIG STL11000M CCD camera on Losmandy Titan mount. Exposure was Hα: 14x8m, RGB: 8x8m each. Copyright by James Burnell.

These huge emission nebulae with low surface brightness are part of the same ionized cloud of hydrogen gas. Light in the Hα band is dominant here and use of the Hα filter in this image brings out the nebulosity and cuts out light pollution (and even moonlight) from the exposure. It appears as two objects because of an intervening cloud of gas that absorbs the light of the nebula behind it.

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