Why be an Amateur Astronomer?

January 31st Update: Al took some photos of the Lunar Eclipse as is was setting. You can see the Moon darkening and becoming squished a bit as it sunk down to the horizon. Not all Al’s astro-photos are taken with Tele Vue telescopes: this series was done with a Nikon Coolpix S9900 P&S camera through a windows!

January 31, 2018 lunar eclipse moon as experienced in the northeast USA: setting into the horizon during the partial phases of the eclipse.
Lunar Eclipse composite from 3/3/07 with TV-NP101is. ©X. Dequevy

Observing note: see last-weeks post about observing tomorrow’s lunar eclipse / supermoon / bluemoon.  Due to this event happening at the very end of the  month, there will be no full-moon in February.

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