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Excerpts from Living Bird article by Dr. Ken Rosenberg, director of conservation science at Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology.

Scanning the horizon for the world's best birding optics.

  • [T]he TeleVue 85mm Evergreen scope, ... continues to offer the most breathtaking optical image available anywhere on this planet. Fitted with an eyeglass-friendly 8-24mm [zoom] eyepiece, this scope received a perfect score for image quality throughout its 25x-75x range.
  • [R]eviewers ... jaws dropped in amazement. As dusk fell and Canada Geese settled almost invisibly onto Sapsucker Woods pond, the TeleVue resolved the same crisp feather detail at 75x as the Kowa could at 60x, and when we backed the TeleVue down to 60x, it was as if a light had been turned on inside the scope.
  • After I raved about the TeleVue in my last review, the company now offers a number of additional features to appeal to birders. First, the 85mm scope came with a 45-degree-angle prism, which made for more comfortable viewing than the typical 90-degree angle on astronomy scopes.
  • Finally, if you are a connoisseur of "pure image" and you have a sheltered location to set up the TeleVue 85mm Evergreen scope (a covered deck overlooking the ocean comes to mind), you will not be disappointed ... . [By] the unparalleled TeleVue optics.

Living Bird is the quarterly publication of Cornell University's Laboratory of Ornithology

— Dr. Rosenberg, K. "Scope Quest 2008". Living Bird (2008 Winter). 46,47.

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