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EPL-55.0 55.0 Plössl
EPL-40.0 40.0 Plössl
EPL-32.0 32.0 Plössl
EAP-25.0 25.0 Plössl
EAP-20.0 20.0 Plössl
EAP-15.0 15.0 Plössl
EAP-11.0 11.0 Plössl
EAP-08.0 8.0 Plössl
EDE-18.2 18.2 DeLite
EDE-15.0 15.0 DeLite
EDE-13.0 13.0 DeLite
EDE-11.0 11.0 DeLite
EDE-09.0 9.0 DeLite
EDE-07.0 7.0 DeLite
EDE-05.0 5.0 DeLite
EDE-04.0 4.0 DeLite
EDE-03.0 3.0 DeLite
EPO-41.0 41.0 Panoptic
EPO-35.0 35.0 Panoptic
EPO-27.0 27.0 Panoptic
EPO-24.0 24.0 Panoptic
EPO-19.0 19.0 Panoptic
EDL-17.3 17.3 Delos
EDL-14.0 14.0 Delos
EDL-12.0 12.0 Delos
EDL-10.0 10.0 Delos
EDL-08.0 8.0 Delos
EDL-06.0 6.0 Delos
EDL-04.5 4.5 Delos
EDL-03.5 3.5 Delos
EN5-31.0 31.0 Nagler Type 5
EN4-22.0 22.0 Nagler Type 4
EN4-17.0 17.0 Nagler Type 4
EN5-16.0 16.0 Nagler Type 5
EN6-13.0 13.0 Nagler Type 6
EN6-09.0 9.0 Nagler Type 6
EN6-07.0 7.0 Nagler Type 6
EN6-05.0 5.0 Nagler Type 6
EN6-03.5 3.5 Nagler Type 6
ETH-21.0 21.0 Ethos
ETH-17.0 17.0 Ethos
ETH-13.0 13.0 Ethos
ETH-10.0 10.0 Ethos
ETH-08.0 8.0 Ethos
ETH-06.0 6.0 Ethos
ETH-04.7 4.7 Ethos-SX
ETH-03.7 3.7 Ethos-SX
ENZ-0306 3-6mm Nagler Zoom
VIP-2010 Paracorr Type 2
VIP-3010 Big Paracorr Type 2
ATT-2125 Tunable Top with 1¼” adapter
Powermates & Barlows
PMT-2200 2.0x 2” Powermate
PMT-2513 2.5x 1¼” Powermate
PMT-4201 4.0x 2” Powermate
PMT-5126 5.0x 1¼” Powermate
BLW-2125 2.0x Barlow 1¼”
BWC-2211 2.0x BIG Barlow 2"
BLW-3125 3.0x Barlow 1¼”
B2N-0200 2" Nebustar
B2N-0125 1¼" Nebustar
B2O-0200 2" OIII
B2O-0125 1¼" OIII
B2H-0200 2" Hß
B2H-0125 1¼" Hß
Eyepiece Accessories
ECB-0010 Eyepiece Carry Bag
ETB-0020 Ethos Eyepiece Carry Bag
BVP-2002 Bino Vue, with BVP-2001
BVB-2003 Bino Vue Body
BVP-2001 2x Bino Vue Amp. + Flat Coupler
BVC-0125 Bino Vue Flat Coupler
ASF-8125 2”-1¼” Adapter - Satin, HiHat
AIT-2125 2”-1¼” In-Travel Adapter
ACF-2125 2”-1¼” Adapter, Flat top
BEC-0005 2”-1¼” Adapter - Equalizer, HiHat
AQE-0005 1¼” Questar Adapter
EGE-0020 Eyeguard Extender, twist-on style
X2C-0008 2” Extension Tube
X3C-0009 3.5” Extension Tube
EBX-2120 2” Eyepiece Barrel Ext.
DRX-0025 0.25 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0050 0.50 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0075 0.75 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0100 1.00 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0150 1.50 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0200 2.00 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0225 2.25 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0250 2.50 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0300 3.00 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DRX-0350 3.50 DIOPTRX Astig. Corrector
DEA-0001 DIOPTRX Adapter for 24/19 Pan, N20T5
DNA-6000 DIOPTRX Adapter for all NT6
Diagonals & Erecting Prisms
DSC-0125 1¼” 90º Enhanced Al.
DPC-1250 1¼” 90º Everbrite
DPC-6012 1¼” 60º Everbrite
DDP-8004 2" 90º Everbrite w/2”-1¼” Adapt., HiHat
DEP-8003 2" 90º Enhanced Al. w/2”-1¼” Adapt., HiHat
SCT Accessories
ACC-0003 SCT Adapter
SCP-8202 SCT RichField Kt: 2” 90º Everbrite w/SCT Adpt.
Photographic Accessories
SFA-0001 FoneMate Smart Phone to EP Adapter
ACM-1250 1¼” Camera Adapter
ACM-2000 2” Camera Adapter
DRA-0028 28mm Radian Adapter
DRA-0037 37mm Radian Adapter
DRA-0049 49mm Radian Adapter
DEC-0028 28mm Adapter Ring
DEC-0037 37mm Adapter Ring
PTR-1250 1¼” PMT T-Ring Adapter
PTR-2200 PMT-2200 T-Ring Adapter
PTR-4201 PMT-4201 T-Ring Adapter
TRF-2008 400-600mm 0.8x R/F
PGC-1001 Piggy-Cam
Telescope Mounts
TPM-3015 Tele-Pod (Advanced) Mount
P4M-7011 Pano - Ash (Advanced) Mount
G4M-6014 Gibraltar HD4 Mount
G5M-5014 Gibraltar HD5 Mount
TPH-1016 Tele-Pod Head only
TPT-3017 Tele-Pod (Advanced) Tripod only
TEC-1018 Eyepiece Caddy Set
HAN-1000 Mount Handle Assem.
TAC-1003 Air-Chair
Encoders & Mounts
TPE-3023 Tele-Pod (Advanced) / Encoder Equipped
P4E-7023 Pano - Ash (Advanced) / Encoder Equipped
G4E-6023 Gibraltar HD4 / Encoder Equipped
G5E-5023 Gibraltar HD5 / Encoder Equipped
STN-4001 Pano/TelePod/ Gib Encoder Kit
STS-5002 DSC / Computer Azimuth Spacers for 5" Head
Mounting Adapters
APB-1008 Telescope Balance Aid
AVT-1011 Vixen/Tele Vue Mount Adapter
BPL-1098 NP127is Bottom Plate
Reflex Sights & Finder Mounts
SRT-2010 Starbeam, Tele Vue Quick Release base
SFC-2009 Starbeam, SCT base
SFM-1005 Flip-Mirror only (to upgrade older models)
SSF-1006 Sol-Searcher
QFM-1008 Quick Rel. Univ. Fndr. Mnt.
QRD-1006 Dovetail for QRB-1002
QRB-1002 Quick Release Bracket
FAB-1008 Finderscope Adapter Brkt
AAC-0002 TV-60 X-Y Mount kit SCT
AAM-0001 Accessory X-Y Mount
MBC-1001 Block Adptr X-Y Mount
SAB-1001 SCT bracket
SBB-1002 Starbeam Bar for SCT Bracket
QBT-1006 Qwik-Point Basic
TV – 60
TVO-2460 TV-60 OTA
TVB-2403 TV-60 Carry Bag
TV – 76
WXO-3065 TV-76 OTA White
GXO-3065 TV-76 OTA Green
TV – 85
WXO-3372 TV-85 OTA White
GXO-3372 TV-85 OTA Green
TV – NP101is
NPI-4057 TV-NP101is OTA
TV – NP127is
NPI-5054 TV-NP127is OTA
Imaging System Accessories
LCL-1069 Large Field Corrector, NP101/NP101is/NP127is
NPR-1073 0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes
RFL-4087 0.8x Reducer/Flattener for 102 Scopes
RAD-1074 Imaging System Nosepiece for 2" Focuser
CWT-2070 Canon Wide T Adapter w/Bayonet for 2.4"
STL-1071 SBIG STL Camera Adapter for 2.4"
TRG-1072 Standard T-Ring Adapter for 2.4"
A2A-1107 2.4" Adapter for 2" Accessories
TLA-0250 0.25" (6.4mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"
TLB-0375 0.375" (9.5mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"
TLC-0500 0.50" (12.7mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"
TLD-1000 1.0" (25.4mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"
TLF-0040 0.040" (1mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"
TLG-0080 0.080" (2mm) Long Accessory Tube for 2.4"
TLS-1121 Set of 2 (TLF+ TLG) Accessory Tubes for 2.4"
TLS-2245 Set of 6 Accessory Tubes for 2.4"
AFT-1105 48-mm Filter Adapter for 2.4"
RSC-2320 Indicator to computer RS232 cable 10 ft.
FDF-2004 FocusmateDriver10:1
Ranger Accessories
RSB-2801 Shoulder Bag
RFB-2802 Fitted Bag
Telescope Accessories
RS4-8004 4” Ring Mount - Satin
RS3-8003 3” Ring Mount - Satin
MRS-4011 Mt. Rng Set for 4” dia. Tube (inc. BPL-1098)
MRS-5000 Mt. Rng Set for 5" dia. Tube (inc. BPL-1098)
Telescope Accessory Packages
TVP-1250 TV-60 90° Accessory Pkg.
TVP-6012 TV-60 60° Accessory Pkg.
TVP-3066 TV-76 Accessory Pkg.
TVP-3373 TV-85 Accessory Pkg.
TVP-4058 NP101is Accessory Pkg.
TVP-5056 NP127is Accessory Pkg.
Night Vision
TNV-1400 TNV-14 White Phos Gen 3 Night Vision Monocular
TNV-1449 TNV-14 White Phos Gen 3 Night Vision Monocular with Accessories
TNV-1401 TNV-14 Eyepiece Adapter 
TNV-1448 TNV-14 Filter Holder 48mm
TNV-1402 TNV-14 FoneMate Adapter
TNV-1413 TNV-14 FoneMate + FoneMate Adapter + Eyepiece Adapter + Filter Holder
ECL-67.0 67mm Converter for 55mm Plössl
ECP-5567 55mm Plössl + 67mm Converter + 2in Extension Tube

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