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Model #ETH-08.0
Focal Length (mm)8
Barrel Size (in.)2" & 1"
Apparent Field of View (deg.)100
Eye Relief (mm)15
Weight (lb / oz)0.95 / 15.2
Field Stop (mm)13.9
Compare to similar focal lengths
“Wow! I was told the eyepiece wouldn't make that much difference - wrong! It is a whole different experience. I have ordered an Ethos 13 & 21 as a result.”
—C.Q., CA

In 1¼" mode, if you use Tele Vue's "high-hat" 2"-1¼" adapter, it will be parfocal with Tele Vue's Plössls, Radians, Type 6 Naglers, Nagler Zooms, 1¼" Panoptics and 6mm ETHOS. Further, its light weight and small diameter makes the 8mm suitable for anyone using a binocular viewer. Another application is for spotting scope set-ups with the Tele Vue 60° 1¼" diagonal.

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