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ECB-0010 Eyepiece Carry Bag
DPC-6012 1¼” 60º Everbrite
DDP-8004 2" 90º Everbrite w/2”-1¼” Adapt., HiHat
DEP-8003 2" 90º Enhanced Al. w/2”-1¼” Adapt., HiHat
SFA-0001 FoneMate Smart Phone to EP Adapter
ACM-2000 2” Camera Adapter
TRF-2008 400-600mm 0.8x R/F
PGC-1001 Piggy-Cam
SSF-1006 Sol-Searcher
QFM-1008 Quick Rel. Univ. Fndr. Mnt.
RS3-8003 3” Ring Mount - Satin
TVP-3373 TV-85 Accessory Pkg.
Some of the accessories above can be found below listed as package components.
Package Components
TVP-3373: TV-85 Accessory Pkg.
DDP-8004: 2" 90 Everbrite w/2-1 Adapt., HiHat
RS3-8003: 3 Ring Mount - Satin
EDE-18.2: 18.2 DeLite
Tele Vue-85 optional...
Tele Vue-85 optional accessory package.

You can read more about our small-scope OTAs and accessory packages on our blog.
Bino Vue with 60° Diagonal Usage
Daytime Use of TV-85 with Bino Vue
Soft Case for TV-85
You can order the Soft Case directly.
Call us for details.
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