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QFM-1008, Quick-release type universal finder mount allows the use of 50-mm finder scopes on Tele Vue ring-mounts.

Dual rings of QFM-10... Dual rings of QFM-1008 attach to Tele Vue scopes with Dovetail into Quick Release Bracket

QFM-1008 includes Dovetail (QRD-1006) and Quick Release Bracket (QRB-1002).

QRD-1006 base length x width x height dimensions are 1.65" x 1.35" x 0.5" (41.91mm x 34.3mm x 12.7mm)

This Dovetail / Bracket combo can be used to:

  • convert UFM-1007 Universal Finder Mount (fixed type) to QFM-1008 Quick-Release type.
  • convert Sol Searcher into a quick release accessory
  • accept Vixen and Orion "stalk" type finders

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QFM-1008 Quick Rel. Univ. Fndr. Mnt.

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