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Starbeam with Quick Release base for Tele Vue scopes

This version of Starbeam comes with the Tele Vue Quick Release Bracket (QRB-1002) and the Dovetail (QRD-1006). The Quick Release Bracket easily mounts to channels in the Tele Vue ring mounts and mount rings. The Dovetail is mounted to the base of the Starbeam.

The Starbeam can quickly be swapped in and out of the Quick Release Bracket for transportation or transfer to different scopes. The Dovetail also allows this Starbeam to mount on Orion and Sky-Watcher finder shoes as well as on some Vixen scopes not made in Japan. (If the finder shoe narrows our dovetail may not fit.) It may be necessary to remove the "stop" screw from the bottom of the Dovetail to fit non-Tele Vue finder brackets.

The Quick Release Bracket accepts Vixen, Orion, and Sky-Watcher "stalk" type finders as well as the Starbeam and is available separately.

Starbeam off and on ...
Starbeam off and on Quick Release Bracket.

Those who already have the Tele Vue version of the Starbeam for their Tele Vue rings can upgrade to the quick release system by ordering the Tele Vue Quick Release Bracket (QRB-1002) and Dovetail (QRD-1006) from your dealer. Upgrade is only possible if your U-Channel has two through holes as shown below. (Older models with just a single through hole cannot securely mount the QRD-1006)

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