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Place Sol-Searcher into any of the slots in each of the four tube rings offered for Tele Vue telescopes and attach it with the supplied #10-32 screw. In the case of the Tele Vue-60, Sol-Searcher mounts to the dew shield. There are various options for attachment with telescopes other than Tele Vue. If there is a #10-32 threaded hole in the telescope, try mounting the Sol-Searcher using the through holes on the central bar. Due to its light weight, one screw is sufficient to mount it. Sol-Searchers built after October 2023 also have a ¼"-20 tapped hole through the central bar that can be used as a mounting point. One such use is with a camera shoe to ¼"-20 adapter. Hook and loop or similar fastening strips are another option.

Sol-Searcher mounted...
Sol-Searcher mounted on camera shoe to ¼"-20 adapter.
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