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Original models of the Starbeam did not include the flip-mirror. Flip-mirror can be ordered as an accessory to upgrade these older models.

SFM-1005 Flip-Mirror only (to upgrade older models)
SAB-1001 SCT bracket
SBB-1002 Starbeam Bar for SCT Bracket
Blinking Illuminator

Current Starbeams have red dot illuminators that can be set to steady-on or blinking at various rates. These illuminators fit all prior model Starbeams and can be ordered direct from Tele Vue.

Blinking illuminator...
Blinking illuminator with blink adjust knob at top and on/off brightness knob on rear.

Fixed Tele Vue base to Quick-Release Conversion

Later model fixed Tele Vue base (SFT-2003) Starbeams can be converted to the current Tele Vue Quick-Release base model by attaching a Dovetail base (QRD-1006) to the Starbeam base channel (with 10-32 x 3/8" button head screws) and mounting a Quick Release Bracket (QRB-1002) to the slot on the Tele Vue mount ring. To determine if your SFT-2003 Starbeam can be converted, remove the Starbeam body from the Base Chanel by loosening the Horizontal Adjustment Screws and removing the Vertical Lock screw. In the Base Channel, convertible models have two through holes located on either side of the threaded Vertical Lock Screw. At least one hole will be occupied by a button head screw. You will need screws in both holes to secure the Base Channel properly to the Dovetail base (QRD-1006).

QRD-1006 Dovetail for QRB-1002
QRB-1002 Quick Release Bracket
Late model Starbeam ...
Late model Starbeam base channel showing through holes on either side of the Vertical Lock screw thread.
Late model Starbeam ...
Late model Starbeam base channel showing attachment to Dovetail base (QRD-1006) and Quick Release Bracket (QRB-1002).

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