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Model #ETH-04.7
Focal Length (mm)4.7
Barrel Size (in.)2" & 1"
Apparent Field of View (deg.)110
Eye Relief (mm)15
Weight (lb / oz)1.30 / 20.8
Field Stop (mm)8.94
Compare to similar focal lengths
“Absolutely outstanding performance! Use the Ethos 4.7 for planetary mainly. It's awesome, like being INSIDE the eyepiece - the eyepiece "disappears"!”
—M.M., AZ

Al Nagler eagerly pushed Ethos designer Paul Dellechiaie to extend the new 3.7mm focal length to reach 110°, the same field size as the LEM Simulator optics Al designed 45-years ago to train NASA astronauts for lunar landings.

The new 4.7mm Ethos-SX, like its 3.7mm progenitor, is designed and crafted to combine its exceedingly wide field of view with all the contrast, color-rendition, distortion correction and center-to-edge sharpness needed to achieve that natural view.

Compared to a lower power eyepiece with the equivalent TFOV (similar field stop) such as an 11mm Plössl (9.1mm field stop), the greater power - for higher resolution, and smaller exit pupil (for a darker background to enhance contrast) reveals a deep sky experience "even better than you imagined".

The 4.7mm is a 1¼" format and is parfocal with the wide range of 1¼" Tele Vue eyepieces. 2" adapter included.

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