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127mm, f/5.2 APO (Nagler-Petzval) Refractor - Imaging/Visual.

Based on exemplary wide field and planetary visual scopes with added features to make imaging easier and more flexible.

/ 300x (Max. Visual Field / Max. Rec. Power)

NP127is Interactive demo

<b>TV-NP127is image<...
TV-NP127is image
Veil Nebula in Hα and color with SBIG STL11000M camera
(Jim Burnell)
“A work of art to look at. A work of optical brilliance to look through. A masterpiece to enjoy.”
—R.L., NY
From Our Blog
  • NP127is: Image of the Day! (9/21/2022)
    Nicola Beltraminelli's astro-imaging work came to our attention when he won the AstroBin Image of the Day for his Lion Nebula image taken with the Tele Vue NP127is. Reviewers praise the effort for bringing out the complexity of the nebula with striking details and colors.
  • NP127is: Return to Imaging over Taos, NM (10/8/2021)
    Jerry Macon expands his Tele Vue-NP127is imaging to include Hubble Pallette filters and mono camera.
  • Imaging the Skies with the Tele Vue-NP127is (2/9/2021)
    We're quite impressed with Frank Wielgus' exquisite collection of wide-field, deep-sky images. They've often been selected as winners in the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh's Kevin J. Brunelle Photography Contest.

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