Why Are Tele Vue Products So Good?
Because We Aim to Please!

For nearly 40-years we've created eyepieces and telescopes focusing on a singular target; deliver a customer experience "...even better than you imagined." Tele Vue products provide an observing experience as exquisite in performance as it is enjoyable and effortless.

And how do we score with our valued customers? Judging by superlatives like: "" etc., BULLSEYE! See these superlatives in their original warranty card context below. Eyepiece, telescope, or complete system, let us show you how good we are.

How often does one get the opportunity to buy a Ferrari? It is a true symbol of quality American craftsmanship with performance and value that surpasses the exceptional. Thanks for keeping America vital!!! — R.B., NJ  TV-NP127is
    • Incredible eyepiece. — H.V., GA  13.0 Ethos
    • Views are amazing! — T.E., CT  NP-101
    • Truly Amazing! Thanks for such awesome products! — K.V., TX  Tele Vue-85
    • Thank you for offering such a fantastic product! — D.B., FL  NP-101
    • Fantastic accomplishment of optical engineering! — S.B., GA  10.0 Ethos
    • Superior build and fantastic optics. — A.W., NJ  Tele Vue-76
    • Thank you for making such beautiful scopes. They are a work of art. — P.G., Canada  NP-101is
    • Thank you! Beautiful scope! — J.R., NY  NP-101
    • When after 20 years I decided it was time to stop playing with telescopes and start concentrating on viewing, I could think of no better telescope to have as my only instrument than one of the beautiful TeleVues I have dreamt of for so long. — S.M., KY  Tele Vue-85
    • The TV-60 exceeded my expectations by a mile. First night out, split the Double-Double with ease under a full Moon. The views of Saturn blew me away! — J.G., NY  Tele Vue-60
    • Tele Vue is simply the best quality available. — T.A., TX  Tele Vue-76
    • Wow! — A.H., CA  Tele Vue-76
    • Absolutely outstanding performance! Use the Ethos 4.7 for planetary mainly. It's awesome, like being INSIDE the eyepiece - the eyepiece "disappears"! — M.M., AZ  4.7 Ethos-SX
    • "Outstanding" — L.D., CT  Tele Vue-76
    • Fantastically built, with uncompromised optical quality! — S.K., NM  Tele Vue-76
    • The perfect all around scope. — F.S., CA  Tele Vue-76
    • Absolutely gorgeous scope. — J.K., CA  Tele Vue-76
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