Tele Vue-85

85mm, f/7, APO (Doublet) Refractor. With APO performance and airline portability, the Tele Vue-85 has been delighting astronomy and birding enthusiasts and reviewers alike.

4.4° / 225x (Max. Visual Field / Max. Rec. Power)

<b>TV-85 </b>Pulls d...
TV-85 Pulls double duty during Venus Transit.
“I love it! Will not part with this quality scope. Thanks Al!”
—S.K., AL
From Our Blog
  • Tele Vue-85: Imaging the Skies Over Queensland Australia! (8/27/2020)
    The combination of Tele Vue-85 APO refractor and Tele Vue 0.8x Reducer/Flattener (TRF-2008) creates a potent, highly portable, flat/wide-field (480mm @ f/5.6) astro-imaging system. This blog is a gallery of Southern Hemisphere nebulae, by Vesselin Petkov using this system.
  • Astro Sketching the Universe! (9/14/2019)
    Pekka Rautajoki sketches the Sun, Moon, planets and the deep space sky with Tele Vue gear and reveals his thoughts on the Tele Vue-85 APO refractor and Ethos, Nagler, Nagler Planetary Zoom, and Panoptic eyepieces.
  • 02 July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse Images (7/18/2019)
    In Chile, two Tele Vue users, one from Indonesia and the other from Finland, independently setup their gear to record the event. We feature Wijaya Sukwanto's images taken with the Tele Vue-76 APO scope with Powermate image amplifiers and Pekka Rautajoki's sketches drawn with the TeleVue-85.