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First, all Tele Vue scopes are ruggedly built, have a wide power and field range, and accept many viewing and photographic accessories. All models utilize black-anodized machined housings. Where used, all tubes are "evergreen" powder coated aluminum for durability. Note: while there are no parts that can rust, the scopes are not waterproof. All fit standard photo tripods and Tele Vue mounts. While not listed here, larger Tele Vue astronomical telescopes (NP-101, NP-127) can also be used for birding from stationary locations.

Recommendations and Specifications

TV-60 TV-76 TV-85
Birder (hiking) ★★★ ★★☆ ☆☆☆
Birder (stationary) ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Nature photography (SLR) ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Rec'dmagnification (x) 11-145 15-160 19-200
Light collection over eye (x) 74 118 147
Objective Aperture (mm) 60 76 85
Objective Type APO APO APO
Focal Ratio (f/#) 6.0 6.3 7.0
Focal Length (mm) 360 480 600
Approx. Closest Focus (ft) 13 20 30
Max Field of View* @ 1000-yd (feet) 225 287.5 230
Scope Length w/o diag. (inch) 10 14.5 19
Scope weight (lbs) 3 5.1 6.1
Case Included (Soft optional) Soft Soft
*With select eyepieces.
Key ★★★

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Tele Vue-60 Tele Vue-76 Tele Vue-85