Tele Vue-76 APO

With an ultra-smooth heavy duty 2" rack and pinion focuser, with 10:1 fine focus, the Tele Vue 76 APO (total color correction) scope provides the finest color-free optical performance in a compact scope.


TV-76 APO comes as an optical tube with soft case. Shown above with optional TV-76 Accessory Package (TVP-3066) that includes: 2" 90° diagonal, 2" to 1¼" adapter, ring mount for tripod attachment, balance aid, and 26x eyepiece.

TV-76: Recommendations by Al Nagler, telescope designer

  1. Buy this telescope and the TV-76 Accessory Package (TVP-3066) to get all you need to start observing. With the 90° diagonal the image is left-right reversed. For astronomical viewing, this diagonal permits the sharpest, brightest hi-power viewing, and also permits using a 2" barrel eyepieces for the widest possible views, up to 11 Moon diameters (287' @ 1000 yards) wide. You may want to consider the optional 60° 1¼" mirror version for top comfort as well as image quality, or the optional 45° erect image diagonal for birding. The 18.2-mm DeLite* eyepiece has 20-mm eye-relief (great for eyeglass wearers) and yields a field of 119' @1000 yards at 26x in this scope.
  2. The widest field low-power eyepieces for use with the 45° or 60° diagonals will give 169' @ 1000 yards. Choose either 32mm Plössl* @ 15x or 24mm Panoptic @ 20x.
  3. For medium power, consider the 12mm Delos* @ 40x or 11mm Nagler @ 44x.
  4. For higher power, consider the 6mm Delos* @ 80x or 7mm Nagler @ 69x.
  5. For viewing planets, consider the 3.5mm Delos* or Nagler @ 137x.
  6. For easy telescope aiming, consider adding the Qwik-Point red dot finder.
*Eyepiece is compatible with DIOPTRX™ astigmatism correctors.

TV-76: More Information

TV-76: Published Reviews

[T]he view through it puts all the standard scopes in the shade. It is as bright, as sharp, as detailed as we have come to expect from Tele Vue products. I have had it out in field on a regular basis over the past few months and in never fails to provide an impressive view of the bird.

A very impressive accomplishment, and a fine birding scope for those who dare to be different... and who are dedicated to the best view of the bird possible.

Ingraham S., "Tele Vue 76 mm APO Big scope performance in a smaller package!", Better View Desired, March 2002.

[TV-76] offers the sharpest view of any field scope I have ever used, effortlessly reaching powers and distances that are well beyond the capability of any conventional scope. When I am out in the field with it, I always gather a long line of people waiting to see what the bird really looks like.

"Optics Roundup", Birder's World, February 2004.
(The TV-76 was tested against fifteen birding scope's including Swarovski, Zeiss, Nikon, Kowa, Pentax, Leica and Questar!)
The Tele Vue-76 APO combines compact size with the optical performance of the Tele Vue-85. Shown below is the included case and optional accessories.
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