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Focuser Accessories

Focusing accessories are designed to mount on the focuser bodies of Tele Vue "is" and other late-model Tele Vue telescopes. All Tele Vue "is" scopes come standard with Focusmate 10:1 ball-type reduction focuser. Non-"is" Tele Vue scopes with five-hole focus wheels can be fitted with the same Focusmate unit. Focusmate opens up the scope to using the Focusmate Driver for hand-paddle, vibration-free motor-control of Focusmate.

Imaging System Indicator Kit focusing accessories can measure focus changes down to 1-micron. They fit all "is" scopes and current TV-76, TV-85, and NP101 scopes with black aluminum drawtubes and tapped holes. The indicator reads focuser movement directly, which removes the possibility of errors caused by systems that work off of pinion mounted stepper motors.

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