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Tele Vue Powermate and Barlow Image of the Day Winners

Taking award-winning images of distant planetary bodies requires extending your effective focal length to several meters. See Tele Vue's Image of the Day Winners page for examples.

More Powermate Examples

All images produced with the aid of Powermates™.
Click on these exemplary images for full-size display and imaging data.

<b>Mars with 4x Powe...
Mars with 4x Powermate™
July 25, 2003 - one month from nearest.
©Russell Croman
<b>Solar Prominence ...
Solar Prominence with 4x Powermate™
Full-size image spans a quadrant of solar activity.
©Paul Hyndman
<b>Jupiter with 2x P...
Jupiter with 2x Powermate™
Full-size image includes Io and Callisto.
©Russell Croman
<b>Mare Imbrium with...
Mare Imbrium with stacked 2x and 4x Powermates™
Original covers n.e.arc.
©Paul Hyndman
<b>Saturn with 2.5x ...
Saturn with 2.5x Powermate™™
Moons Enceladus & Tethys visible on original.
©Ed Grafton
<b>Imaging in the St...
Imaging in the Stratosphere with Tele Vue Powermate™ amplifiers
Air China A332 crossing the Moon (crop).
©Kacper Lechwar

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