#televue40: Show Us Your Tele Vue Images!

Share your photos with #televue40.  M45 with NP127fli by Gordon Haynes.

Creating “goodies” for the observing enthusiast has been our continuing passion. Now you can return the favor by celebrating our 40-years with #televue40 on your social media Tele Vue images. We’ll link to the best ones through our blog. Here are some guidelines:

Help Us Celebrate 40-Years of Tele Vue

  • Create the image with the assistance of any  Tele Vue scope, eyepiece, or accessory (Powermate™, FoneMate™, our Reducers / Flatteners, etc.). Your subject can be astro, birding / nature, scientific — just about anything.
    Take an image of your Tele Vue hardware — whether on display or setup and ready to go for imaging / visual use.
  • Use the image in a public post on your favorite social media. By “public” we mean that anyone can see it without needing to log on to that platform.
  • Place our special 40-year tag in your post: #televue40
    For example, use it as a hashtag in twitter / Instagram,  place it as a tag in Flickr, &  use it as keyword on SmugMug.

While we wait for #televue40 to catch on. Here are images posted with the popular televue/#televue tag: