#televue40: Birding & Nature with the TV-60

At the beginning of the year, in honor of Tele Vue’s 40th year, we asked you to tag your social media images taken with or taken of Tele Vue equipment with the hashtag #televue40. You did so and there are too many images to highlight them all, but we’ll bring you a few at a time though these blog posts.

Blue” by flickr.com user Mark Kilner licensed by Some rights reserved. Used by permission.  A “Common Blue” butterfly imaged in North Foreland, UK. The bluish color really pops against the yellow and dark-green of the plants.

Last spring we were wowed by the great Tele Vue TV-60 birding and nature images that Mark Kilner was posting on Flickr.

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Tele Vue is for the Birds

Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus)” by flickr.com user Mark Kilner licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Used by permission.

Perusing through all the #televue images on flicker, you’ll find the usual images of planets, the jagged lunar surface, pinwheel galaxies, and diaphanous nebulae suspended against the backdrop of the void.  But nestled among these are images of birds. Birds of diverse species in various poses: suspended in mid-air with wings high and legs outstretched for landing, casually hanging below a branch and peering into the camera, or displaying their plumage on the ground. Yes, our telescopes don’t just come out at night — our smaller scopes have “day jobs” as birding scopes. Continue reading “Tele Vue is for the Birds”