NEAF Highlights: NP127fli & 3″ Paracorr

Northeast Astronomy Forum
is this weekend! April 8 & 9, 2017

The “World’s Largest Astronomy & Space Expo” is where Tele Vue brings “all its goodies” for you to see and play with. Just point your GPS to: SUNY Rockland Community College (RCC) in Suffern, New York — only 35 miles north of Manhattan.

The video here is from a recent NEAF. Tele Vue founder Al Nagler gives Sky & Telescope senior editor Dennis di Cicco an overview of the company’s history and how some of its ground-breaking eyepieces and telescopes came to be. He also highlights the features of the equipment displayed at NEAF, including: NP-127fli astrograph for FLI cameras and 3″ BIG Paracorr Type-2.

Come to NEAF and speak with Al, David, and the rest of the staff about just what Tele Vue products fit your needs.  On-site Tele Vue dealers are well stocked so you can go home with your Tele Vue “goodies” at GREAT NEAF prices!

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