Over the Moon Sale!

15% Sale on Tele Vue eyepieces 6mm and shorter!

To celebrate Tele Vue’s 40th anniversary, plus our participation in the ongoing restoration of the original LEM Simulator, we want to send you “Over the Moon” with a 15% Off Sale on Tele Vue eyepieces of 6mm and shorter focal length!

Al Nagler was instrumental in designing the optical system for NASA’s Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) Simulator which was used to train our astronauts to land on the Moon. The experience of viewing a 110° field of space through the capsule’s window sparked his desire for “spacewalk” views of his own. More importantly, Al’s work on designing optics for a variety of simulation projects laid the foundation which led to his 82° Nagler eyepiece.

To recognize both monumental events, we’re having an eyepiece sale designed to take you “Over the Moon!”. Hurry, sale ends April 30th! See dealer list below.

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