Sky Events

Great American Solar Eclipse Today!

TV-85 image of Total Solar Eclipse of Aug. 2008 in China. Image by Dennis di Cicco / Sean Walker.

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for!  Your local media will have published event times, public viewing locations, weather, and information on how to safely view the event — so get out there and experience the event if you can!

Post images made with Tele Vue products (scopes, FoneMate™, Powermates™, flatteners, reducers, eyepieces, etc.) to social media with #televue40 and we’ll link to the best of them.

The following links will help you enjoy the show! Clear skies!

Narrow band Hydrogen-α image of sunspot region AR2529 from mid April 2016. LS152THa scope and Tele Vue 4x Powermate™ into RED Dragon 6k video monochrome camera . Copyright Stephen Pizzo.
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