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Jupiter & Venus Conjunction – Nov. 13, 2017

Morning planets group together in mid-November.

Early risers will note that Jupiter & Venus have been approaching each other in the deep-morning twilight of the eastern sky. Jupiter ascends ever higher each morning while Venus settles lower onto the horizon. The two worlds cross paths on the morning of November 13th when they will be about a half-moon width apart. 

This is not an easy conjunction because the planets are only 14° from the sun and below the horizon at the start of twilight. In mid-northern latitudes they’ll reach 5° above the horizon about 40-minutes before sunrise. In the mid-northern Tropics, where the ecliptic is nearly vertical this time of year, they’ll be only 3¾° above the horizon at that time. Locations further south will find the planets progressively lower-down to the horizon.

Jupiter & Venus each morning at mid-northern latitudes.

An astronomical telescope can help the viewing by resolving the disks of the planets. With our portable, short focal-length APO refractors and wide field eyepieces, most any combination of Tele Vue scope and eyepiece can accomplish this while placing these two celestial bodies in the same field of view.

TV76 on Panoramic mount with Sky Tour computer and Air Chair
TV85 on Panoramic mount with Sky Tour computer and Air Chair.
TV60 on TelePod mount with Sky Tour and Air Chair.
Other accessories you might need include the FoneMate smartphone adapter to record the event.
Fonemate smartphone adapter cradles your smartphone and connects to many of Tele Vue’s eyepieces to allow imaging with your camera/video app.
For visual observation of the event, the Nagler Planetary zoom allows a wide-range of magnification. Thus it can be fine-tuned to frame objects or adjust magnification to suit the seeing conditions.
Nagler 3-6 Planetary Zoom.
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