Al Nagler Attends NJAA Open House!

Al Nagler attended the 3rd Annual New Jersey Astronomical Association’s Open House/Flea Market this past Saturnday! It featured speakers, tours, and the famous Flea-Market.

Al Nagler with NJAA Event Coordinator Michael Franzyshen
Located in Voorhees State Park in New Jersey, the club operates the Paul Robinson Observatory that consists of a 26″ Cassegrain reflector on a 7-ft high German Equatorial Mount. The scope towers 15-ft above the observatory floor. Other observatories on the premises feature a 14” Aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain, 12” Ritchey-Chrétien, and smaller scopes.
Al’s “Why be an Amateur Astronomer?” PowerPoint slide on the laptop next to Apollo 11 / Saturnday handout
Al thinks it is fitting that his “Why be an Amateur Astronomer?” slide was presented that weekend while the student led Climate Strike was occurring. To understand why you must only read Al’s words:

Why Be an Amateur Astronomer?
It may be of no more practical use than a love of music, art or nature’s beauty. But understanding the history of our universe, knowing our place in it, and seeing its wonders can be compelling and uplifting.
After all, we are made of “star stuff”, and may be the only creatures that can appreciate its own place in the cosmos.
Perhaps if all humanity were amateur astronomers, preserving our incredible planet would be an easier task.
—Al Nagler

See also Sky & Telescope Editor in Chief Peter Tyson’s ode to Al in his Ethos of Largess editorial.
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Car at the swap meet.
Apollo 11 eyepiece on Tele Vue-85 scope
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Crystals for sale at the swap meet.
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