2023 NEAIC & NEAF in Review

We kicked off our first post-COVID shows on this side of the Atlantic this year with two shows hosted by the local Rockland Astronomy Club. The last in-person NEAIC and NEAF were way back in 2019! We regard the Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference (NEAIC) and Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) as our “home” shows as they are nearby to our headquarters and Al Nagler was a co-founder of NEAF.

Tele Vue Returns to NEAIC 2023

Tele Vue table at NEAIC 2023. Here we showcased the Tele Vue-NP101is Imaging System refractor and the Tele Vue-76 “eclipse chaser” with 0.8x reducer / flattener (TRF-2008). The edge of the table contains our Imaging System and photography accessories as well as sample images made with Tele Vue products. Photo by Jon Betancourt, all rights reserved and used by permission.
Tele Vue President David Nagler discusses the features of the Tele Vue-NP101is Imaging System refractor at NEAIC 2023. Photo by Jon Betancourt, all rights reserved and used by permission.

The Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference (NEAIC) was again hosted at the Crowne Plaza Conference Center in Suffern, New York from April 13-14, 2023. It is the major imaging conference for amateur astronomers in the Northeast staged over the two days prior to NEAF so that imagers can attend both events (NEAIC registration usually includes a two-day pass to NEAF). It featured day and evening workshops and classes by amateur and professional astro-imagers to help attendees hone their imaging skills.

Tele Vue Optics was there to showcase our photographic and Imaging System scopes and accessories. In advance of the 2024 eclipse, we had on display our airline portable Tele Vue-76 APO in “eclipse chaser” format with a 0.8x Reducer/Flattener (TRF-2008 ) on a Tele Vue Tele-Pod mount. The Tele Vue-NP101is APO refractor represented our Imaging System refractor line. All the Imaging System reducers, flatteners, camera adapters, and spacers were available for handling.

Tele Vue Imaging at April 18, 2023 Eclipse

Tele Vue-76 “eclipse chasers” in Exmouth, Western Australia for the April 20, 2023 hybrid solar eclipse. Image by Theo and Janet Boris.

The April 20th hybrid solar eclipse occurred in the South Pacific a few days after we got back from NEAIC / NEAF. With the centerline crossing mostly over open ocean, the most populated areas on the line were in the North West Cape of Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. As we were writing this blog, we got an image taken from a beach resort in Exmouth, Western Australia, showing an array of Tele Vue-76 “eclipse chaser” telescopes setup to live-stream the event for the MIT-NASA Eclipse Expedition.

Tele Vue at NEAF 2023

Al and David Nagler did several interviews at NEAF 2023. On the left, Al Nagler is being interviewed by the Cosmos Safari channel and on the right David Nagler is doing a feature for AstroWorld TV (link to follow in the near future). Tele Vue staff photos.

The Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF April 15-16, 2023) in New York is the one show where we display every Tele Vue product in our lineup. This spans from the large TV-NP127is APO refractor to the diminutive Finderscope Adapter Bracket.

In this video “walk through” of our NEAF booth, you’ll see that all the scopes, mounts, imaging accessories, eyepieces, filters, DIOPTRX™, and more were available for consumer inspection.

NEAF Raffle Grand Prize sign.

At the show, we reunited with many old-friends in the astronomy community that we hadn’t seen in years. We also got great satisfaction showing people how our products could be useful for meeting their observing and imaging goals. One of the big draws, as in past years, at our booth, was the Night Vision demonstration curated by Al Nagler.

We held one of our rare “cosmetic blemish sales” this year where we offered eyepieces, Powermates™, and Barlows at huge discounts. Some of the most desired products sold out quickly so it pays to be early when we run these sales.

As at prior NEAF shows, Tele Vue products were presented to the Grand Prize Raffle winner.

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More Info

  • If you missed the in-person show, you can read all about our products on the Tele Vue website.
  • You can see some of our products demonstrated on our YouTube channel.