AstroFest Update: Widescreen Centre & FoneMate Demo

Widescreen Centre always puts their best foot forward for Tele Vue. They provided me with all the goodies to satisfy our customers — even down to the smallest adapters which I was sure nobody would need. Sure enough, our good friend known as “Mr. T” needed that QuikPoint Adapter bracket. Real “heads up” to Simon and Elena from the Widescreen Center and a big THANK YOU for making it such a good time. No wonder I keep coming back to this show :-).

Widescreen Centre Stand: Tele Vue’s eyepieces on display.
Widescreen Centre Stand: Tele Vue’s scopes, eyepieces, and accessories for sale.

FoneMate demo is a hit! Within 40 minutes Widescreen Centre were sold out. The kind gentleman who got the last one is allowing me to use it as a demo until the show closes tomorrow! Widescreen Centre took orders the rest of the day and will ship to anxious customers.

Widescreen Centre Stand: Tele Vue’s FoneMate demoed.

Feb. 10 & 11: European AstroFest in London
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