10-Years of Ethos SALE!

Ten years ago the first 13mm Ethos eyepieces shipped to eagerly waiting dealers and their even more eager customers.  To celebrate this milestone we’re offering you 10 days to save 10% on all Ethos focal lengths!

Prototype Ethos was called the “X100”.

We find it hard to believe we’re celebrating Tele Vue’s 40th year.  Maybe even harder to believe, we’re also celebrating the 10th year of Ethos, a Tele Vue eyepiece design that once again pushed the boundaries of performance beyond expectation.  Such was my goal with the concept and performance targets I laid out for Tele Vue designer Paul Dellachiaie in February of 2006.  We worked hard with our manufacturing partner to have a prototype in-hand, tested, and ready to unveil at NEAF (Northeast Astronomy Forum) in April 2007.  True to the “reality TV” script of an Orange County, NY business, the prototype samples were delivered just a week before the scheduled introduction.

I’ll never forget that “magic moment” at Tele Vue the first time I looked through the 13mm X100 prototype.  (We didn’t have a name chosen for the new eyepiece and we would’ve missed the NEAF deadline had we waited.)  I knew the optical design looked very promising on paper, but would there be “magic” in that first moment?  That first indoor look gave me “goosebumps” and field testing backed up that initial impression.  The performance was everything I had hoped for from the start of the project: the 100° apparent field, full-field sharpness, f/Ɵ distortion correction, flat field, lateral color correction, high contrast, superb glare control, neutral color rendition, and pupil comfort.  It was all there.

Contributed image from one of our fans.

We chose the name just prior to the show, covered the “X100” engraving with tape, and revealed our Ethos at NEAF.  The public’s reaction to the eyepiece was very rewarding and the rest of the summer was spent having a blast showing the prototypes at various star parties.  Here are some of the comments from that time.

So, we celebrate the September 10th anniversary of 10-years since first releasing the Ethos and thank you with this limited-time sale!

13mm Ethos graphic from 2007. “Baby Carriage” theme used for many of the early Ethos intros.
10mm Ethos, introduced in 2009, was nicknamed “The Hole Filler” because it filled the “gap” between the 8- & 13mm Ethos eyepieces.
The 6- & 17mm  Ethos were “born” in 2008.
Double-Cluster eyepiece comparison with a 26mm Plössl was introduced with the 13mm Ethos.
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