“Stargazing” in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Top-Left: Brooklyn Bridge Park (image by David Deutsch). Top-Right: Statue of Liberty as seen through Tele Vue-85 with Apollo 11mm eyepiece (image by Al Nagler). Bottom: Al with TeleVue-85 and twilight skyline.
Each year, the World Science Festival features amazing talks and experiences in the New York City (NYC) area, such as stargazing in the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, with stunning views of the lower Manhattan skyline and special sights like the Statue of Liberty.

Al showing a young fan the view. Who is having the bigger thrill? (Image by David Deutsch)
This year several presentations connected well with our Tele Vue activities, so we made handouts for guests to see what we’ve been up to, and the connections with other World Science Festival 2019 Presentations. See the World Science Festival approved handout below (click to see PDF).
Al says, “I love meeting the diverse NYC area visitors, young and old, astro enthusiasts and newbies in such a stimulating environment, which also included lectures and great musical performances with astronomical projections on giant screens. Also lots of astronomy friends attended from the area”.
Al showing people the Statue of Liberty through the Tele Vue=85 with Apollo 11mm eyepiece (image by David Deutsch).
“The big reservation I had was that we were unlikely to have clear skies, and even if we did, it was a new Moon, and no major planets would be visible before the 11 PM closing. So what’s there to get excited about? For me, Miss Liberty is always gorgeous when lit up at night, and coincidently, could fill ¾ of the field of our new prototype Apollo 11 eyepiece in the Tele Vue-85 telescope I set up!”
State of Liberty is perfectly framed by Tele Vue-85 and Apollo 11mm eyepiece (image by Maira Pineda).
The other tall lady visible from Brooklyn Bridge Park: The 25-ft Statue of Civic Fame atop the Manhattan Municipal Building taken with Tele Vue-85 (image by Maira Pineda).
Getting “Oh my God” raves from kids to grandmas always excites me. As you can see from some of the pictures, and sharing the experiences with my wife, Judi (Tele Vue co-founder), and with my dear nephew David and his charming girlfriend, Maira, was very gratifying.
Tele Vue-85 with 60° diagonal on Panoramic mount makes for a very portable and compact sidewalk astronomy setup (image by David Deutsch).
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